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Finding the right pair of glasses or contact lenses improves your vision and your confidence. The Opticians at Sanderson Eye Clinic go to great lengths to provide you with a wide range of choices through their boutique eyewear optical shop. Men, women, and children turn to Sanderson Eye Clinic to find a perfectly fitted pair of glasses or access the latest in contact lens technology. If you need a new pair of glasses or any other optical care items, visit the boutique eyewear shop today.

Boutique Eyewear Q & A

How can I choose the perfect pair of glasses?

Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a challenge. The best place to begin is by finding an optical shop with a highly trained and personable staff, like the team at Sanderson Eye Clinic’s  boutique eyewear shop.

Before you begin shopping, consider the shape of your face. Some people have oval faces, whereas others have square, diamond, oblong, or heart-shaped faces. Certain frames look better on certain face shapes.

You might also consider whether you have cool or warm skin tones. Choosing frames that match your complexion makes it easier to find your new favorite pair of glasses.

Is it better to select trendy frames or a more classic style?

Every spring and fall, eyeglass manufacturers roll out their newest styles and color schemes. Frames also go through shape trends. Having choices is nice, but the sheer volume of available styles and colors can make it hard to reach a decision.

Some people want to stay on trend when it comes to their eyewear. Others want to choose a style that’s more classic and timeless. Neither of these approaches is wrong, but there may be a better way to decide.

The Opticians at Sanderson Eye Clinic will help you find your best possible frame options.

Are sunglasses available at the optical shop?

A quality pair of prescription sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from sun damage and improve your vision. Clip-on sunglasses may block some of the sun’s rays, but they can’t match the customized benefits of a prescription tailored to your exact vision needs.

Prescription sunglasses are also handy if you usually wear contact lenses. Contacts are not well suited for a day at the pool or beach. Sand can irritate your eyes, and swimming while wearing contact lenses can increase your risk of an eye infection.

Sanderson eye clinic offers a unique boutique eyewear selection, with sunglass frames from today’s most popular designers.

Shop for a new set of frames or that perfect gift at the boutique eyewear optical shop at Sanderson Eye Clinic.